'A Light to my Path' Collection

Explore the serene beauty of the ‘A Light to my Path’ watercolor collection, inspired by Psalm 119:105, reflecting the guiding light of God’s word in our lives.

psalm 32, watercolor landscape painting

The 'A Light to my Path' Collection

A Journey Illuminated

Embracing Grace Through Art

With each stroke and hue of the ‘A Light to My Path’ collection, lies a deeper narrative of resilience and guidance. This series of watercolor landscapes, inspired by Psalm 119:105, serves as a reminder of how God’s word lights our paths and directs our hearts. As you journey through life’s seasons, let these paintings be a testament to the enduring goodness and grace that shapes our experiences, encouraging you to find peace and strength in the Lord.

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My hope for the ‘A Light to My Path’ collection, is that each piece would guide you into moments of discovery and reflection.  That you might dig deep into the scriptures that inspired each piece, and really engage with them. Through this journey, may you discover both encouragement and beauty through art and scripture.